Welcome to the Nevada Chapter USA Cares web page:

Nevada is home to four military installations including 2 Air Force bases, an Army Depot base and a Navy base. There are 17 Veterans Administration facilities and over 226,000 veterans living in Nevada. Las Vegas Nevada is home to Nellis Air Force base which is said to have more squadrons than any other USAF base in the country. Our communities fully support our military and understand the sacrifices they and their families make, and fully appreciate all that these Patriots do.

The Nevada Chapter’s task is to raise funds for the USA Cares mission. Our vision is to do this through building a dedicated volunteer base throughout the state, spreading awareness about USA Cares, and providing fun, engaging, and rewarding opportunities to support the program. The Nevada Chapter’s entire membership consists of volunteers committed to the unique mission of USA Cares.

USA Cares, Nevada Chapter, welcomes participation from all who share our values and vision to provide support to those who made all our opportunities possible. If you would like to start a branch in your town, join an existing branch, or just give one hour to this cause please let me know today at the email or phone number below. If now is not the time for you to join us, please contact me to learn about other opportunities to support USA Cares’ mission.

Lisa Hairston